How to deal with porn on your iPhone or iPad

When your iPhone is plugged into a computer, a new app called Pornhub lets you browse videos of sex and other activities.But a couple of weeks ago, Pornhub pulled the plug on the app.That’s because porn has been a big problem for Apple, and not just for users who use the app for its ownRead More

How to tell the Philadelphia Eagles’ Christmas story in porn

A Philadelphia Eagles story that aired on HBO’s “Real Sports” this week featured the Eagles playing a Christmas song called “Philadelphia Christmas.”The Eagles are the first team in NFL history to feature a Christmas episode in its NFL broadcast.The Eagles play their games in December.The Eagles did not have any Christmas scenes in the show.TheRead More

New Reddit AMA with Bill Gates and David DeBevoise

Reddit is getting into the adult story business, introducing an AMA with tech giants Bill Gates, David DeMello, and Max Levchin to answer questions about the site’s community, technology, and its community of users.The AMA is the first time the site has done so, with Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian also participating in the series.The eventRead More

Why not play with your baby? Why not go to the movies?

What are your favourite toys for your baby and baby-sitting companion?Do you want to know how to get them?If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then here’s a list of your favorite toys for babies and baby companions.Here are the top ten toys for baby and child-sitters, according to the official Japanese toyRead More

Which of the new anime Ghost Stories is the best?

4Gamer staff member Matt “MisterF” Brown has some thoughts on Ghost Stories, the latest anime from KyoAni, and he’s got some words of wisdom for those who have been following the series for some time.“I think Ghost Stories has a lot of good elements in it, and I’ve watched a lot, but I think there’sRead More