How a weight gain story was debunked

A story claiming a family member gained more than 15 pounds by eating more than a day’s worth of fast food has been debunked.

The story, which was posted to Facebook, was shared nearly 4,000 times and shared more than 20,000 time on social media.

The Daily Mail said it had removed the story and contacted the family to retract it.

The family’s lawyer said the story was “completely false.”

ABC News has contacted the Daily Mail for comment.

The Daily Mail story claims that in April, two days after a friend’s birthday, her mother received a message saying she was “proud” of her daughter.

The mother said she was surprised to receive a call from a man claiming to be from the “real” restaurant where the friend had been eating, The Daily Telegraph reported.

She said she told the man she would not eat again until he paid the bill.

When she called back to confirm her daughter was eating at the restaurant, she said she had already eaten and asked him to make sure she got the food.

The man told her that he would have to “get a receipt” for the money, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The family told ABC News they were not the only ones to receive similar messages and would have done the same thing if they had received the same text.

The story, titled “Dance to the music of my sister’s favorite song” and shared over 3,600 times, was later shared over 7,000 Facebook posts.

The post was originally shared by a friend.

A spokesperson for the Daily Post told that the story has been removed from the site and has been deleted.

ABC News reached out to Facebook for comment and has not received a response.

A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the story had been shared more like 7,200 times.


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