How Kristen Johnson’s spanking story became a viral story

Kristen Story was on vacation when she decided to make a story about how a father had spanked her daughter.

She took pictures, took video and uploaded them to Instagram.

Her story quickly went viral.

She says she’s been sharing it around the world and now has more than 500,000 followers.

“I was like, wow, this is amazing,” Story said.

“That’s crazy to me, to see a story like this become a viral thing.”

Story posted the photos to Instagram in September 2016, just days after her daughter, a 14-year-old in rural Missouri, was placed in foster care by the family, which has a history of neglect.

Story says her daughter was in her room, and her father spanked and spanked again.

“She said ‘Dad, you’re hurting me.

Don’t do it anymore,'” Story said of the incident.

“He didn’t stop.

And I said, ‘Mom, you are hurting me.'”

The mother says she never told her daughter that she would later find out she had been abused by her father.

“It was so hard to watch,” Story says.

“And I was just crying.”

Story says she started taking her daughter to the hospital, where doctors said they would remove the bruises from her.

But the damage was already done.

The bruises on her face and arms were so bad, she says, that doctors couldn’t even see them.

The doctor had to perform an operation, and she was left with a scar on her left cheek.

“The doctors told me it was so serious, I was like ‘Oh my god, what are you doing to me?'”

Story says, and the story was shared on social media by friends and family.

By the end of the month, Story says it had nearly 8,000 shares on Facebook and YouTube.

She got a lot of messages and emails from people wanting to know how she was able to tell her story to her daughter so quickly.

“A lot of people said, my mom, my dad did it and they’re like, oh my God, you didn’t tell your daughter?”

Story says as she looks over her photos, and a Facebook message she says her father sent her, “You’re right.”

Kristen story.

Her husband, John, is a nurse practitioner.

They’ve had Kristen in foster for four years.

John Story, who says he’s been in foster more than 40 years, says he believes the photos were taken by someone who was at the wrong place at the right time.

“They were in the wrong room, the wrong time,” Story explained.

“People are really going to believe anything you tell them, if you just tell them your story.”

Story told ABC News that she thinks the story is “completely true” because she believes that if a parent did it, it would be different.

“Because it would have been something completely different,” Story told CBS affiliate WSAZ.

“But the child was abused, and it was a family member.

It’s not like it’s somebody who’s doing something malicious and just didn’t want to get away with it.”

The father of the alleged victim, Anthony Johnson, told ABC affiliate WZZM-TV that he had no idea about the story until it became viral, and he says he has a different perspective.

“What happens when a parent spanks their child is a very personal issue, it’s not something that a judge or the law can say,” Johnson told the station.

“So we don’t know exactly what happened or what happened.

It would be very, very hard to prosecute it because of the nature of the child.

It could be a violent act that was committed.”

He says he doesn’t believe that the pictures were taken to hurt his daughter, and says he is looking into them.

“This is my child.

I love my child,” Johnson said.

He said that the photos are proof of his “love for my daughter,” and that the abuse was not “an isolated incident.”

Johnson, who now lives in Alabama, says that he has been receiving support from the family and that he is hopeful that they will have the right to fight back against the charges.

“We have the support, and I hope it’s enough for them to get the conviction,” Johnson explained.

Johnson said he has since lost all contact with his daughter.

“When you’re in a situation where you’ve been abused, you don’t want your child to feel like they can’t come home,” he said.

Johnson says he would never hurt a child.

“If they were in my position and they were hurting me, they should get help,” he added.


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