How the ‘Drama’ Behind ‘Star Wars’ Is Changing the Game, With a Twist

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The original Star Wars movie trilogy is in decline, but new films are taking its place.

It has been a banner year for the box office.

New titles like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which will be released in theaters on Dec. 18, are poised to deliver the best results in years.

But the franchise has also become one of the world’s biggest and most controversial.

A recent film adaptation of the popular science fiction series “The Last Jedi” will be one of most-watched films of the year, according to a Reuters poll.

Its sequel, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” is scheduled for release on Dec 18.

The film has also spawned a wave of memes, a hashtag and a hashtag for the new movie series.

“Rogue one is a meme that started on Twitter and became the hashtag,” said Matt Lachlan, director of entertainment at Pixar Animation Studios.

“The Force Awakens was a meme, too.

But in terms of the film, it’s just as popular.”

The popularity of the new films has created a cultural buzz, drawing comparisons to the pop culture phenomenon of “Star Trek.”

“Star Trek” became an icon in its own right.

It helped launch the careers of many of the stars it starred.

“Star-Trek” also became a cultural phenomenon, inspiring movies such as “2001: A Space Odyssey,” which became the highest-grossing film of all time.

The original movie was released in 1962, a time when many moviegoers were still not familiar with the idea of space travel.

But “Starman,” a film released in 1968, became a popular film with the rise of the social media age.

“In my personal experience, Star Wars is the one that’s definitely not going to die,” said David Wohlgemuth, a director of media and communications at the Museum of the Moving Image, an exhibition of movies, television and other visual media.

“We have to see it as part of a global pop culture zeitgeist that will continue to grow and evolve.”

In the early 1990s, the original “Star Tours” ride, which was inspired by the original film, sold out in the U.S. and other countries and became a phenomenon.

In the late 1980s, Disney’s “The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” and the animated TV series “Sesame Street” were popular.

But they were also the product of a time of cultural upheaval in the United States.

The late 1980’s saw the end of the Vietnam War, the rise and fall of Ronald Reagan, the fall of the Cold War and the emergence of the Internet.

New York became a hub of social media and a destination for kids who were bored or unhappy with the status quo.

“You could do a lot of things on the Internet, but you couldn’t make money on the internet,” said Wohlgemuth.

Disney had been a leader in the online movie business for a decade when “Star wars” was released.

The company had produced three other “Star” films: “The Return of the Jedi,” “Return of the King” and “Return to the Magic Kingdom.”

It had also produced three “Starwars” animated television series, including “Return To the Magic World.”

The success of the “StarWars” franchise had its detractors, including the director and producer of “The Phantom Menace” who wrote in “Starworld” magazine that “Starcraft” had “become a national disgrace.”

It was a sentiment echoed by many in Hollywood who thought the “Darth Vader” trilogy, a spinoff series that had not been released in the West until 2003, was a commercial flop.

Critics, however, were much more forgiving.

A new generation of fans is looking to “Starring Rey,” a series about a young girl who travels across the galaxy in a spaceship that is used to travel back in time to help a young orphan girl.

The first “Starlancer” movie, released in 2007, had been critically acclaimed.

And the “Jedi” film series, based on the comic book series by Frank Miller, has been renewed for a third season with a $50 million budget.

The “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” remake, which will come out on Dec 11, will be the biggest and best-selling film of the calendar year, but it is being projected to generate $15 million less than the previous record set by “Starlog: The Last Jedi.”

The third “Star of the Day” film, “The Hunt,” is the biggest hit of the week and is projected to have grossed $13 million, or about $17 million less.

Other movies have been hit hard.

Disney’s new “Beauty and the Beast” film


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