How to help your pet with cancer

When she was 10 weeks old, Amy Lee was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer called B-cell lymphoma.

The disease attacks the body’s T-cells, a type of white blood cell that carry out most of the body-sensing functions, such as detecting cancer cells.

“It’s a little bit scary,” Amy told the ABC’s ABC Radio Adelaide program.

“When I was diagnosed, I thought it was a bad thing, it was just a bad diagnosis, but I thought, ‘I can cope’.” Amy was told she was on the early side of the disease.

By age 11, her parents had started to feel better and, when Amy was 15 months old, she began chemo treatments.

Amy’s doctors said the treatments were not working.

“They didn’t think I would survive and we knew it, but we didn’t know how long it would be,” Amy said.

Amy says she now believes in the power of a “happy ending” as opposed to “a tragic ending”.

In September 2017, Amy was diagnosed again.

Amy was given a bone marrow transplant to allow her to continue living.

But the transplant was successful and Amy was then able to start taking chemotherapy again.

“I’m feeling really good,” Amy says.

“But it’s still hard, I’m still feeling the effects.”

Amy’s experience is not unique.

According to the National Cancer Institute, 1.6 million Australians are currently on chemotherapy.

The vast majority of those on the drugs are not expected to live to the age of 50.

For those with B-cells the cancer can spread from the patient to nearby family members, friends or carers.

And, like Amy, the cancer is very rare.

But unlike Amy, many people don’t know they have B-cancer and are left wondering if they have it.

What is B-Cell Lymphoma?

B- cell lymphoma (BCL) is a cancer of the B- cells, the immune system’s “white blood cells” that help fight off disease.

B- lymphoma is very common in people with B cells, and there is evidence to suggest it may be a type 2 or even 3 disease.

It is most common in women.

It usually affects women of child-bearing age, who have higher levels of circulating B cells than men.

The cancer typically affects one side of a person’s body.

People with B cell lymphomas may have the same symptoms as those with other types of cancer.

They may have trouble getting enough nutrients, may have poor quality of life and feel anxious.

But it is also common for people with this type of cancer to have a more severe illness such as multiple sclerosis.

“There are some very rare patients who don’t develop B-CLL at all,” Professor Paul Gompertz from the University of Queensland said.

“The majority of them do develop it in the late stages of the illness, and that is usually when they don’t get the chemo.”

In Amy’s case, doctors said she was “on the early phase of B-Lymphoma” but “the prognosis was still very poor”.

“It was an exciting story to tell,” Amy’s mother told ABC Adelaide.

“Because she was able to take her last chemo, and be treated for it, she was very hopeful that she would survive.

But we knew she would, and she did.”

The family has since been “lucky” with her survival.

Amy and her sister had to travel from Adelaide to Hobart to receive treatment from Dr James Anderson, an expert in the field of BCL.

Amy had a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy.

“We didn’t expect to have to go to the hospital so many times,” Amy recalls.

“She was like a pet, she would just sit there and nap.”

Dr Anderson was able see Amy on a regular basis, and he had to make sure she got enough nutrients and that her immune system was working well.

“He gave her lots of chemo and she was doing really well,” Amy remembers.

“So he did have to come in at night and just make sure that we got her everything she needed.”

But the family had to keep going.

Dr Anderson said the chemos could only make the patient’s body more vulnerable to infection.

“If it’s too aggressive, it can lead to pneumonia,” he said.

The family travelled to Melbourne to get Amy a tumour biopsy.

After a successful surgery, Amy received chemotherapy.

By the time Amy was 25 months old she was receiving more than 600 injections.

Amy now has two lymphomas on her back and one on her spine.

But despite being diagnosed twice, Amy has found comfort in her life.

“My family has been great, they have really supported me and I’m really grateful for them,” Amy tells ABC Adelaide from Hobart.

“And now I have two tumours on my back,


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