How to make a Woody toy story, in just two hours

Woody, the Woody doll, is the best-selling toy in history, but its creator is a bit of a mystery.

He is also the subject of an investigation into whether he should be allowed to be sold in the United States.

Woody is an old doll, but the makers of the toy story made a little change.

The story is no longer set in a home, but in a small village called Wewash, in the northern part of the United Kingdom.

The story is based on the “Woody” television series, which is now in its 11th season.

The toys, produced by the British toy company Mattel, were first made for children aged between seven and 14.

But after they were banned in the UK, Mattel had to make more and more of them.

This changed the story line, which became about the adventures of a boy who gets stuck in a tree.

“The story of Wewas set in Wewashi and its location in the north of England,” the company said in a statement.

“The story also features a number of fictional characters who are not real.”

Mattel said it was not clear how the toy stories were sold in other countries, but that it was looking into it.

The toy company is also investigating whether Wewamash should be able to sell Woody to American consumers.

“Wewash has made the right decision to continue to market our toy product to the US market, but Mattel has requested that we not allow the toys to be resold in the US, given the potential legal risks to the toy industry,” the toy company said.

Mattel has not responded to the investigation.


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