How to read the news in Hindi

This article is from the India edition of the Times of India.

The content has been edited for clarity and length.

The Indian media has seen a rise in the use of the Hindi language to communicate with its citizens and audiences.

There is a need for Hindi news content to be translated into the other language.

The Times of the India has asked the Government to take a view on the need for such a change and to give some suggestions on how to implement the recommendations.

The initiative will be led by the Directorate of Information Technology and Digital Media (DICTM) under the chairmanship of V.R. Shrivastava.

According to DICTM’s proposal, the news should be translated in Hindi and then the content should be published in English, with Hindi subtitles.

It should be noted that, to improve the quality of the news, the Government should have a dedicated department for Hindi-language news content in the department of information technology and digital media.

It will be up to the Indian media to ensure that the news is translated into Hindi and published in the language, said the proposal.

It is important that Hindi news is disseminated and shared with all sections of the population and is not just the news of those sections, said DICTA.

The proposal is a first step in the direction of creating a comprehensive Indian news content portal that is not only accessible to the citizens but also to the stakeholders.


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