How to tell whether you’ve got the right Instagram story in 2018

Instagram is changing the way it advertises to its users.

In 2018, Instagram will be offering a new, more tailored experience for users, in which users will be shown a “story” for a specific event, and given a number of options to share with their followers.

This new “story mode” will be the first time Instagram has been able to provide more granular contextual information, with more options to help users identify what they should share with others.

There are also new ways to make the experience more personal, such as the ability to create “favorites”, which users can share with friends, family and followers.

The new “instagram stories” feature is part of the company’s plan to build out its Story Engine to help developers build apps that are more personal to users.

“The Story Engine is a way for developers to build apps with more granularity, to make sure users get more out of Instagram Stories,” said John Wiens, VP of product and strategy for Instagram.

“They get to see what’s going on in their friends’ lives and also share experiences with other people.”

Instagram says it will be adding a story mode to its Story Builder in the next few weeks, which will allow users to create their own stories.

This is an interesting step towards giving users a more personalized experience, with the Story Engine becoming more granules in terms of what information users can post and how they can share it.

It’s also a good step towards making Instagram a more social network, with users being able to post more meaningful content.

In the coming months, Instagram also says it plans to introduce new features to the Stories app, including a new way for users to post and share content, including photos and videos, along with an option to create an avatar.

The company says that it is “delivering a richer and more personal experience for its users in 2018”.

Instagram is working to make this experience even better with new tools to make it easier for users and developers to share content.