How to turn a police story into a sex story

As a police officer, you’re often faced with a unique set of circumstances.

When someone gets killed in your patrol car, you may be on the scene, but your wife or girlfriend may not be in your car, and the police are on the phone.

As a result, police stories often feature a cop being attacked and dying.

In some cases, the victim is an innocent bystander who dies in the line of duty.

You can make a police shooting story into something more powerful by adding the death of the cop as a sexual object.

This story is called a “trailer.”

A trailer is a short story idea that’s loosely connected to a main character’s story.

It’s typically a sexual or violent plot, but sometimes it involves a murder.

A few examples of trailers are “The Night Stalker” (a thriller that centers on the murder of a woman by a serial killer), “The Killer in the Night” (the story of a young woman who murders her lover in the night), and “The Lingerie Thief” (about a prostitute who steals a lingerie company’s lingerie to get it out of the clutches of a serial rapist).

If you want to turn your police story from a sex scene into something a little more powerful, use a trailer.


Use the trailer of a cop story.

If you write a police trailer, the trailer is the one that shows the murder in the police car.

You could use the trailer to tell the story of how a police detective becomes an accomplice in a crime, or how the detective comes to realize that his lover is cheating on him with another man.


Make a sex element in the trailer.

If your police officer dies in a police car crash, it’s not surprising that he gets killed by someone else.

But how is the cop killed?

You could also write a sex trailer that shows how the police detective’s death affects the relationship between him and his wife, girlfriend, or lover.

The sex trailer would be a good example of a trailer where you could add a sexual element to the main story.


Write about the relationship.

In a police sex story you might write a short essay about how the cop’s death will affect his relationship with his wife or lover and how it’s changed their lives.

Or you might even use a short article that gives you a sense of the relationship you’re describing.

You might also use a scene in which the police officer is trying to keep his girlfriend safe, but she’s still having an affair with another cop.

The scene might include the cop trying to stop her from leaving the house, or a scene where the cop is trying desperately to get the other cop to help her escape.


Make the trailer a sex object.

A police sex trailer can be a little harder to write.

Most cops will not be comfortable with the idea of having a cop die, but if you want a police movie that’s not about a cop dying, the idea can be enticing.

If it’s a crime story, the story could include the murder.

If the police aren’t interested in telling the story about how they killed their cop, you can add a little sex to the story.

The trailer for a cop thriller, for example, could include a scene showing how the cops try to get away with murdering the police captain’s wife and son.


Make your trailer more interesting.

Some police movies have a police cop’s trailer that features a scene from his past.

But that’s a very small part of the movie.

You may want to add a short segment that shows a scene that makes you think about how important the cop and his family are to the community, how he came to be an officer, and what he’s going through now that he’s gone.

Sometimes you can even include a brief story from the cop or his family about how he became a cop.

You don’t have to add any sex or violence to your police trailer.

For example, in the movie “The Black Dahlia,” the police chief is trying hard to protect his daughter and his son from a killer.

But his son is in the way and he doesn’t want the killer to know that his father has been killed.

You should also consider adding scenes from your movie about the officer’s life and death.

For instance, in a cop-themed movie called “The Red Zone,” the cop plays a part in a drug bust.

You’ll notice that the cop has a gun on him and that his daughter is with him.

The movie will then show you that when his daughter died, her killer broke into his home, took his gun, and killed his wife.

And in the next scene, you’ll hear the cop say, “My dad is the greatest cop I ever knew.

He saved my life and my life is forever.”

You can use these scenes in your police trailers, too. 6. Change


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