How to watch Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ online: Watch in HD on a Samsung TV, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV app

If you have a Samsung or Amazon FireTV, you can now stream your favorite Disney animated movies and TV shows on the Web.

The feature is called “The Lion Gate.”

Disney is launching the feature this week on all three of its platforms, including the Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire tablet and Fire TV.

The Lion Gate will be available on a free trial basis to Disney users who subscribe to the Disney Digital Entertainment Unlimited service, which includes all of the Disney movies and television shows, including The Lion King, Frozen and Mulan.

The service will launch with Disney movies, but it will be extended to other Disney platforms as well, including Disney XD and Disney Parks and Resorts.

Disney said in a blog post that the Lion Gate is “a new, exciting way to experience your favorite shows and movies on your TV.”

You can use the app on your mobile device, as a standalone app on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer or through the app’s web interface.

The app is currently available on Amazon Fire TVs, Samsung TVs, Apple TVs, Google TVs and Apple TV.

It is also available for Android devices.

Disney said the feature is not available for other devices.

The Disney XD app has a separate Lion Gate for Disney’s live-action shows.

The Lions Gate is for animated films that feature humans and animated characters.

Disney says the LionGate will launch this week for subscribers who subscribe and is only available to subscribers in the U.S. and Canada.

Disney XD subscribers in Canada can watch Disney shows and films with the Lion gate on their phones, but they will need to download a Disney app that lets them watch them on a computer or tablet.

Disney has also started releasing free videos from other Disney studios.

The free videos include episodes of “Disney Princesses and Monsters,” which is a Disney feature that features princesses from Disney’s movies.

The videos also include an episode of “Sailor Moon: The Crystal Gems.”

The LionGate app is available on Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Apple TV, Windows PC and Mac, and on the Roku channel.

It will be free for the first year of service.

You can check out the Liongate announcement for more information.

For more Disney news, visit our Disney News page.


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