‘I’m an Outcast in My Family’: Gay Adult Film Star Shares His Journey of Acceptance

A gay porn star and actor from Florida says he’s an outcast in his family and is considering suicide.

Barry Allen, 36, was born gay and is a veteran of the Army who served in Iraq.

His story of coming out in the 1990s and his fight with bullying and homophobia was featured in the documentary, I’m an Outsider in My Families.

“I don’t have a lot of family support but I’ve had my fair share of it,” Allen told ABC News.

“There was a time when my mom was not allowed to visit with me and my brother.”

And my dad is the only gay dad in my family.

So when you’re in a situation where you don’t see anyone you’re going to feel like you’re missing out on something, and I felt like I was missing out.

“Allen said he started his journey with a series of films about gay people in the military and later came out in 2003 as a gay man.”

It was hard at first but I’m so thankful that people are willing to hear me out and give me a chance,” he said.”

At the time I had a couple of girlfriends but I didn’t have any boyfriends.

“Allen, who also stars in gay porn films including I Am Not Gay, said he was inspired to take on the role of a gay porn actor because he knew he could make more money by doing it as a regular person.”

The only thing that I can say about that was that I had to do it,” he explained.”

People think that if you’re a porn star, you’re doing it for money, but it’s actually for love.

“Allen has been married four times and has three kids.

He said he’s been called a “bully” by his gay friends and was teased by the military for his appearance.”

When I came out, I knew I had no other choice,” he told ABC.”

But I knew that I was going to find a place for myself in the world.

“Allen’s story has inspired the LGBT community, who have rallied around him.”

Barry’s story is a testament to the power of people to come together and to stand up for themselves and for the right to be themselves,” he added.”

He is an example to me and the LGBT world that you can be yourself and still be proud of who you are.

“Allen says his gay fans are supportive and supportive of his journey.”

All I can really say is that I’m grateful to have been able to get to this point and to have the opportunity to share this story with as many people as I can,” he concluded.


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