‘I’m Not Your Mama’: Loved by some, despised by others

“I love you more than anyone I know,” the voice of Lillian Meyerowitz’s character says as she is delivered to her final meeting with her mother, Dr. Helen Meyerowitz.

“And I’m not your mom.”

Lillian and her mother both have terminal illness, and Lillian, a neurosurgeon, was diagnosed with the rare disease on her 28th birthday.

“She’s the first person I’ve met who’s not a mom,” says Meyerowitz, a self-described “non-binary woman.”

“She is a mom.

It’s really exciting.”

LILIAN MEYERSHOWITZ: A non-binary transgender woman and mother, Lillian has always been a tomboy and has a very different perspective on what her body looks like than most people.

She is a proud mother of two daughters, ages six and four.

The first daughter was born in December 2016.

“I wanted to be the first transgender woman to be adopted, because it means I can take care of the two girls who are the most important part of my life, and the most beautiful,” she says.

Lillian began transitioning to female at age 17, and began hormone therapy as a way to make herself feel more feminine and less male-dominated.

“After having that transition, I didn’t have a problem,” she said.

“But after I began to see a difference in my body and my voice, I began thinking about the surgery and I realized I had to have surgery because I was so afraid I would never be able to be myself.

I had this fear that I was a freak.

I was scared of the surgery.”

LISA: Born a girl, Sophia is a self care worker, mother of three girls ages five and four, and a teacher.

Sophia was diagnosed at age six with Gender Identity Disorder.

“My doctor, he’s so nice and kind and caring and funny,” she told The Huffington, laughing.

“The first time I saw him, he looked at me and he said, ‘What do you mean, ‘what do you look like?’

“He had no idea I was transgender,” she explained. “

“When he found out, he was like, ‘Are you transgender?’ “

He had no idea I was transgender,” she explained.

“When he found out, he was like, ‘Are you transgender?’

I said, I am.’

And he said ‘Are we going to let you be a girl?’

I was like ‘No, we’re not.’

I didn.

Michael D’Antonio and David Mello, did not understand her gender dysphoric thoughts and behavior and suggested that she change her name and pronouns. “

Sophia said that her doctor, Drs.

It was a struggle, because I didn


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