New documentary ‘The End of the Beginning’ will tell the story of the women and men who helped lead the women’s suffrage movement

New York (CBS News) – “The End Of The Beginning” is coming to the U.S. on January 23, the film’s director tells CBS News.

The film is a follow-up to the 2014 film “We Were the Stars,” which told the story about the march for women’s rights in the U, but it tells a different story, says director Laura Ehrlich.

Ehrlich, who previously directed “We Are the World,” told CBS News in an exclusive interview that the new film is “a very personal story” and will tell “a story of perseverance and courage and sacrifice.”

Ehrich said the film is about a group of women who helped make the suffrage cause a national movement and ultimately led it to victory in the late 19th century.

In “The World’s Greatest Story,” the suffragettes traveled from New York to Washington, D.C., in January 1913, to gather signatures for a constitutional amendment that would create women as full citizens in the nation.

The suffrage act passed in a landslide, with women voting in more than half of U.N. member states.

Eckert told she wanted to “make a film about the women who fought for women rights and women’s civil rights and the women in the women rights movement, and what it meant to be a woman and to fight for that.”

Eckhart said she was inspired by the women of the suffriot movement and wanted to tell a story of them, not just the women from the suffroots but also the women that came after.

Echart told that she was drawn to the women around the world who were brave enough to fight, not only to take on the system but to fight on their own terms, challenging gender inequality.

The new film focuses on the women-led suffrage fight, Ehrich says, and tells the story through their own eyes.

Ehart said the documentary will explore the women leading the women to victory and how they became involved in political activism, and will highlight the women, including the women leaders who came after them.

Ehlert said the goal was to get women to understand the importance of standing up for their rights and standing up against discrimination.

“This is not a story about what we want to happen,” Ehrith told CBS news.

“This is about what happens when you take that leap.”

The film, which was created by “The Wrecking Crew,” will be available on the Internet through the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Museum of Women in the Arts.


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