What we know about a former aide’s ‘sex-slave’ claim

A former aide to President Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault, and she has claimed she had sex with the president during the presidential campaign.The allegations have been made by Rachel Crooks, who claimed she worked as a special assistant to the president and was part of a team that developed and releasedRead More

When is a ghost story no longer a ghost?

The ghost story house is on fire.It is on a fire mission.As it continues to burn, so too does its legacy.It will remain there forever. When the story is gone, the house is no longer there.The story is never there.When a ghost tale has been told for over 200 years, its presence will be gone forever.It’sRead More

How to be a more powerful woman in the workplace

What are some tips to improve your performance at work?How to make a better first impression?How can you make yourself feel more valued?With that in mind, here’s the short story of the week:The short story is about a character who is constantly in awe of herself.In a society where women often feel ashamed of themselves,Read More

How to write a love story in Japanese: The Tamako Love Story

Posted by The Washington Times on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 12:00:00AMA love story is not an easy thing to write.For example, the protagonist is not just someone you like, but someone you admire.So the first step in writing a love scene in a romance novel is to figure out the person you’re writing about, howRead More

Which sex stories are the most popular?

In this week’s Sex Stories, we take a look at the top ten sex stories of 2016.The top ten stories in 2016 were:The first time a woman had a penisThe first times a man had a vaginaThe first sexual encounter without an orgasmThe first sex scene with someone you did not knowThe first and onlyRead More

How to tell a ghost story: How to find a ghost

It is a time of year that brings the return of ghosts, and it can be a time to share stories with them.You can tell a story with a ghost or you can share it with someone who knows the person who has died and you can see that someone else is in the story.YouRead More

How to mine bitcoin using a single coin

I have a very interesting story to tell about how to mine a bitcoin coin.I’ll call it the Neverending Story Dragon, for the good of all cryptos.I was working at a startup called MyCoin, which I’d started to sell a couple of years ago.At the time, we were doing a lot of blockchain-related work, andRead More


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