Why the Meyerowitz Stories are a Cinderella Story

An old man in an old house, and his little daughter, are in love.Their love is complicated by a mysterious man.They have been together for years and he has always loved them.The two are now going through a difficult time and need a friend.They decide to ask the ghost of a wealthy man who livedRead More

My Cinderella Story: Amazing Stories 2020

My Cinderella story is a Cinderella tale.It’s an incredible story of triumph and triumphalism, and it’s about the joys and challenges of a life full of adventure and hope.In the last year, my stories have been featured on NPR, the BBC, and in magazines like Time, The Guardian, and the New Yorker.The story is aboutRead More

Cinderella Story: Another Cinderella Story?

In the short stories “Another Cindelene” and “Mama’s Boyfriend” from “The Fairytale of Genji” series, a prince named Genji finds his love, Kiyomi, and marries her.Genji’s wife, Nomi, is an older woman with an unusual appearance.Genjis daughter, Princess Mio, is also a princess, but she doesn’t have a prince.In the story, the prince has toRead More