Czech Republic: The Land of Stories

The Czech Republic, the country with the world’s longest coastline and the largest population of its kind, has long been a favorite destination for foreign writers and photographers.And its still a popular destination for photographers, too.In 2016, a new generation of photographers were invited to the country to capture the beauty of its beautiful coastline.AndRead More

What Is A Lesbian Orgy? (Orgasms)

The word “lesbian” may conjure images of a bohemian lifestyle, but many people are actually bisexual.And although some people might consider themselves gay or lesbian, others have a very different experience.As the first lesbian book to be published in the U.S., The Book of the Lesbian, by Lauren Haeger, gives a wide range of insightsRead More

Australia’s land of stories: the story of seasons

Stories of seasons is a story of stories.It is a journey through stories, a journey of life.It’s a journey into stories and into the story.In the book, the author has a collection of stories from Australia’s remote and rural communities.In the stories, we learn about the lives of families, children, pets, animals and people, andRead More