The Beastie Boys: Never Say Never

Behold!The Beasties are once again playing at Madison Square Garden, and this time, the band is reuniting with former members Steve Aoki and Rick Rubin.As previously reported, the reunion is scheduled for December 19th.We caught up with Rubin to find out what’s up with this year’s lineup, how it’s all going down, and how hisRead More

Why Christmas is such a mess

Christmas is a great time to be alive.But for some people, the holiday season is a nightmare, with a host of social problems plaguing the country, according to a new report from the Wall Street, New York-based advocacy group.The report found that a growing number of Americans are struggling to find affordable housing, struggling toRead More

How to mine bitcoin using a single coin

I have a very interesting story to tell about how to mine a bitcoin coin.I’ll call it the Neverending Story Dragon, for the good of all cryptos.I was working at a startup called MyCoin, which I’d started to sell a couple of years ago.At the time, we were doing a lot of blockchain-related work, andRead More


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