The Beastie Boys: Never Say Never


The Beasties are once again playing at Madison Square Garden, and this time, the band is reuniting with former members Steve Aoki and Rick Rubin.

As previously reported, the reunion is scheduled for December 19th.

We caught up with Rubin to find out what’s up with this year’s lineup, how it’s all going down, and how his new record “Never Say Never” came about.

Tell us a little bit about what you guys have been up to over the last few months.

We’re really happy to be able to play.

I’ve been in New York, and I’m really glad that we’re back together.

And we’re also excited to be coming back to Madison Square.

The whole tour we had to come back because the band has been touring around the country for about five years, and it was just not right for us to do the show without having been in that studio.

We’ve been trying to make this the best show that we possibly can, and we want to do everything we can to make sure that we do that.

What is this band about?

What is your life’s mission in life?

We’re not just going to be a band.

We love making music, and there’s nothing else like it.

And it’s about creating music that has meaning.

Is this your first time in New Jersey?

Yes, we’ve been here since 1999.

What are you doing in New England?

We’ve always had a place in New Hampshire.

It’s been my home for about seven years now.

We have a small town here in Manchester.

I have a daughter, and the kids are all over the place.

I’m a very independent, and so am I. I love being outside.

I enjoy the beach, and that’s where I live.

We did a show a couple of weeks ago in South Africa.

I think that was our first time performing there, and when I was in South America, it was like a dream come true.

What do you think you’re going to accomplish in your new career?

It’s really important to me that I get to do what I love, which is music.

So I don’t think I’m going to spend all of my time being a musician, and then when I’m older I’m gonna start thinking about that.

I want to have that full-time career.

And I really love the city.

It makes me happy to have the opportunity to be in New Bedford.

It was a very cool city, it’s a beautiful place, and they’re always welcoming people.

What’s next for the Beasties?

We were really excited about getting back together because we did this last tour and we didn’t want to go back to New York because of the lockout.

I had to go to Boston.

We were in Boston for a while, and at one point, we were thinking, “We’ve got to make it happen.”

We’re just waiting for the time.

We had some great time in Boston, and our fans really got to know us.

We really want to keep that momentum going.

And that’s really what we’re trying to do.

So that’s our goal.

When we do the reunion, we’re going in completely different directions.

We are definitely going to have a new album.

It’ll be something that we haven’t really done since our last album.

We don’t have to do it this year, we don’t need to do this.

But we want it to be something different.

What can you tell us about this new record?

We wrote a new song called “Never Be A Bear.”

We had the idea for that song a couple years ago, and people started to see it on the radio.

I got it on a plane from Boston to New Bedford, and everybody in the plane had heard it.

The band is still doing the whole band thing, but we are working on a whole different band.

It will be a little more contemporary.

It has more of a dance side, a rock side, and a pop side.

It is something completely different.

Is it going to feature all of the Beastie boys?

We don, but it’s going to bring some of them back.

It sounds like we’re coming out with a new band, but I think this will be something we can play with.

And people are going to enjoy hearing us play with them.

I really want them to hear our music, too.

We do have a couple more songs that we want them all to hear.

What does the album sound like?

It sounds very much like “Never,” but it is very much a continuation of the last two records.

And a new record.

So it’s very much about the past, but at the same time, it has a lot of new songs.

Do you have a favorite song?

I love the first album.

I don, I don�t know. I was


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