‘The Phila’ story about a man with a ‘crazy story’ about his wife was actually a really weird and interesting one

published in The Sunday Times on Monday, the story that will become the subject of a new book by Stephen Fry and his wife Ann.

It’s a tale of a man named Joe who was the subject, for reasons of family pride, of a very peculiar and bizarre case that involved a series of incidents.

Joe was a former soldier in the Royal Navy who, as a young man, had been sent to Korea to be trained as a soldier.

After returning to the UK, Joe went back to the Royal Marines to do some basic training, and then he became involved in an affair with a young woman called Jenny.

This is where the story gets weird, because Jenny was the daughter of a woman in the US military, who was in the process of divorcing her husband, so Joe was not in the military anymore.

So, as the story goes, Joe is sent to the US to be taught to be a pilot, which is an important position in the UK military, but he gets involved in the affairs of Jenny and her family, which in turn results in Joe becoming a paedophile.

There’s a story about Joe having sex with his wife, which sounds quite weird, but it’s actually quite plausible.

Joe gets his first kiss from Jenny, which seems quite normal.

He has sex with her a couple of times, and he has a baby, which doesn’t seem too odd, but then he gets a call from a man in Korea.

He tells his wife he has to go back to Korea, but Jenny says he has got a baby girl.

The call is for Joe to come and see his wife.

The baby is not there.

Joe goes and sees her and is very upset, but she doesn’t believe him.

He comes back to find her dead.

Joe is the last person to see Jenny.

There are a lot of questions to be answered.

How did Jenny die?

What was it that happened to her?

What did she want?

What are her friends like?

What’s happened to the baby?

How did Joe get in contact with Jenny?

And then there’s the matter of the baby.

What was Joe’s wife’s name?

Who was she?

What is the story about?

How does it all end?

And the questions are bound to be many.

They all add up to a fascinating and intriguing story that the author is really going to need to put to the test, because it will be a very interesting read.


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