What the hell happened to ‘The Bachelor’?

A few weeks after she was dumped by her boyfriend, The Bachelor contestant and her fiancee broke up.

And it wasn’t just her that was aghast. 

“My husband is a total jerk, so when he got on a plane to go see his brother, I literally was like, ‘What the hell, what are you doing?'” says her fiance, Jordan.

“It was the last thing I was thinking.

I think it’s just because of his mental health issues.”

The couple was married on the same day, March 12, 2017.

“I got on the plane, and I got on his plane, but we didn’t even talk about anything,” says Jordan.

It was all a whirlwind of drama.

“My husband’s mental health was on the up and up, but he wasn’t going to do anything.

He was always saying, ‘I don’t care, I’ll just be on my own,’ ” says her fiancé.

“He’d go home and be on the couch and talk about the weather or the football or whatever.”

The Bachelor was an instant hit.

It made it hard for The Bachelor contestants to get married, so they often used their time to work out and exercise.

But for the most part, their relationship remained cordial.

“The Bachelor” star Ashley Graham has described the drama that led to their breakup as “a whirlwind of insanity.”

“I’ve been married to him for three years and I’ve never really dealt with a drama like this,” she told Glamour magazine.

“And the reality of it is that he was a very serious guy, but when you’re dating somebody that serious, you kind of need to give yourself permission to go crazy and say, ‘Well, this is the most important thing in the world, right?'”

The Bachelor’s finale, which aired on February 25, 2019, had a number of twists and turns.

The contestants were split over whether to get back together or go back to the dating site.

“This was the first time we’ve been apart,” says her boyfriend.

“We thought, ‘Let’s go to the site and do it again,’ and then we realized that we were just going to have to go through it.”

Jordan says her husband and the rest of the cast decided they didn’t want to have a happy ending.

“They wanted to just get back to each other,” she says.

“So they started getting back together.

We thought it was great.

It was also a very busy week for the Bachelor franchise. “

Everything went so wrong.”

It was also a very busy week for the Bachelor franchise.

On February 26, the series returned to The Big Bang Theory after a hiatus, and The Bachelor season 27 concluded.

“A lot of us were really frustrated,” says Graham.

“That was our first season, and it was a really big year for us.”

But the couple’s relationship was all but over.

“You’ve got to give them credit,” says the 27-year-old.

We got to keep working on each other and be friends and have the relationship we’ve had all these years.” “

But at the same time, I think that it really made us feel like, this wasn’t a moment that we had to give up.

We got to keep working on each other and be friends and have the relationship we’ve had all these years.”


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