What to do when your child’s Snapchat story game gets too far down the rabbit hole

If you’re the kind of parent who keeps a child’s personal photos and videos for a few months, the time to tackle a video game story might not be so long ago.

A new game, Snapchat Stories, is designed to help parents with the “snapchat game” that has taken on a life of its own over the past year or so.

Snapchat, a social network for teens and young adults, launched a “snap chat” app last year, with Snapchat Stories adding a game element to its family-friendly offerings.

For those parents with kids younger than 12, the app is intended to keep their kids’ “storytime” private.

For parents with older children, however, SnapChat Stories is designed for them to keep family pictures, videos, and videos of themselves and their kids available for the whole family.

“If your child has a Snapchat story, they can go into a story mode and interact with their friends and family,” said Jennifer DeVries, a product manager at Snapchat.

“Snapchat Stories is a great way for parents to let their kids play with each other.”

Parents who don’t like the idea of keeping their kids private are being told that the app has a simple way to turn off the family-focused feature.

The app offers two ways to turn on family-centered features: By tapping on the “Snap” button in the upper right corner, or by simply tapping on “Family.”

Both options allow parents to turn the family sharing feature on or off.

“You can’t turn off family sharing by itself,” said DeVories.

“It has to be enabled for family.”

The family sharing option allows parents to share photos and video of their kids, with options for them not to share those photos and/or videos.

Parents can set up the sharing setting to limit the number of people who can see the photos and pictures, or to allow only one family member to see them at a time.

A parent can also turn off or turn on the family Sharing option on their phone by going to the settings menu and selecting “Settings.”

The “Family” setting, in contrast, allows parents the ability to turn family sharing off or on individually for their family members.

To turn off parental sharing, the parents can tap on the settings button on the bottom right corner of the screen, and then tap on “Parental Sharing.”

When the setting is on, the family photos and family videos will be turned off.

DeVrys explained that the settings for family sharing are designed to allow the parent to share with a family member but not to actually share with the whole group.

“Parents can choose to have their photos and photos be shared with family members only, or they can choose not to have anyone see them,” she said.

“The idea is that families are not supposed to be in control of where they share photos.”

DeVris said the “Family Sharing” setting was added to the app in order to help families “figure out how to manage their own settings and their own privacy.”

The company also added a “Family Notifications” option in the settings to notify parents when they discover photos or videos of children being shared or posted on Snapchat.

Parents who turn off Family Sharing or “Family Notification” can also tap on a “Message” button to send an email to the family.

De Vries said the email notification will also send parents a reminder to check their children’s accounts.

If parents don’t want to have kids share their own content, they also can choose whether or not their children can see all the photos or video in their Snapchat Story.

Parents will be able to block people from seeing their child’s Snap Stories, or turn off all family sharing.

DeValris said SnapChat was built to help young people “figure themselves out” about the way they interact with other people in their life, as opposed to simply being the “big kid” in the room.

“We want kids to be the big kid in the house,” she explained.

“Kids are not going to figure themselves out if they don’t have parents around.”

A number of parents are concerned about the privacy implications of having their children share private content on their social media sites.

“When I use Snapchat, I don’t share my family with people I don�t know.

I don, and that is scary to me,” said Kristi Mott, a parent and social media strategist with New York City-based marketing agency Avant.

“That’s not my style.

I want to know what people think about my daughter, my husband, my kids, my pets.”

The new family-centric feature is a big deal for Snapchat, which was launched as a social app in 2015 and is the fourth-most popular mobile app in the United States.

The company’s recent earnings report showed the company is on track to sell about 1.6 billion Snapchat Stories this year, which


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