Which of the new anime Ghost Stories is the best?

4Gamer staff member Matt “MisterF” Brown has some thoughts on Ghost Stories, the latest anime from KyoAni, and he’s got some words of wisdom for those who have been following the series for some time.

“I think Ghost Stories has a lot of good elements in it, and I’ve watched a lot, but I think there’s a lot that’s still missing,” he told 4Gamer.

“The pacing is still very good, but there are a lot more things to add.

I really think that’s where the story is lacking, though.

There’s a really good mix of action, comedy, romance, and horror, but Ghost Stories still seems to be lacking in the latter category.

I think that the show is going to have to be a little more on the side of comedy, a little bit more on drama, and a little less on action.”

I also felt Ghost Stories lacked the emotional weight of its predecessor.

The pacing is great, but its the lack of depth in its characters that makes me miss its charm.

The characters are interesting and unique, but the story still needs to be told in a way that will be interesting for a broader audience.

Ghost Stories also lacks a sense of scale and scale is a big part of why I feel Ghost Stories lacks in that area.

It’s a shame because I feel the series could have used some more scale and character growth.

But I also think that this series needs to have a really big, grand finale, rather than a small, sweet, but light-hearted end.

Ghost Stories is available on Crunchyroll.

Watch Ghost Stories now on Crunchytroll!


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