Which Philadelphias Are Getting More Time on the Job?

Philadelphia — (AP Photo/Matt Rourke) The Philadelphia story continues to evolve.

It now looks as if the city is poised to get more time on the job.

The state Department of Labor and Industries released its final job statistics for July.

According to the figures released on Monday, the city’s jobless rate dropped to 9.7 percent from 10.9 percent.

The unemployment rate in the state was 8.5 percent last month.

The Philadelphia region, which includes Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, has seen an uptick in the number of job openings. 

But in the city, the number that have been filled by local businesses since the unemployment rate dropped has remained steady. 

The region has also experienced a drop in unemployment from about 9.8 percent in June to 8.8 today. 

This has given the Philadelphia region more time to ramp up to hiring for its growing economy.

The unemployment rate, the highest in the country, is a key indicator for many job seekers.

It measures the number unemployed and people looking for work in the area.

The jobless number in the Philadelphia area peaked at 9.1 percent in May of 2016, but the unemployment number fell to 9 percent in September that year. 

While it’s easy to look at the unemployment numbers and say that Philadelphia’s unemployment rate is low, it’s important to keep in mind that the unemployment data is based on a person’s employment and that it’s a measure of those people who are actively looking for jobs. 

More people are looking for employment in Philadelphia than the city had seen in a while.

The city’s unemployment total in August dropped to 6.8, the lowest it’s been since February 2016, when the city recorded a record 9.9 million people without jobs.

The numbers show that there are more people looking than there are jobs.

And that means more people who need jobs.

But the unemployment figures are not necessarily the best indicators of how people are actually doing. 

It’s important that employers, especially small businesses, know how many people are actively searching for jobs and how many jobs are available to them. 

“We’re going to continue to hire people,” said Michael Loughlin, executive director of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

“We’ve always hired more people in the last few years.

It’s just we’re going through a period where we’re not going to be able to keep up with the demand.”


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