Why cyntooia Brown is the hottest tech story of 2017

On the heels of its announcement that it had acquired a majority stake in Apple, it looks like the internet is finally taking notice.CNET’s Niche’s tech blog has reported that cyntothecine Brown is in talks to buy a stake in an online streaming service that would reportedly allow users to stream their own videos and music from any device.

Cyntothecat Brown is already one of the hottest technology stories of 2017.

A week after the company raised $25 million from investors including Tencent, Alibaba, Facebook and a number of smaller venture capital firms, the startup announced that it’s going public with a valuation of $20 billion, which would make it one of Apple’s largest-ever venture capital investments.

The acquisition will also make it a “major player in the mobile space,” according to Niche, which reports that the company has plans to launch a video-streaming service in the future.

That could include services like Netflix, YouTube and others.

As part of the deal, the company will also sell the video-playback rights for its music to a group of “unicorns,” a group that has raised $5 billion or more in funding from investors, according to Business Insider.


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