Why I don’t like my partner’s fetish story

My partner’s obsession with bondage stories has always made me uneasy.

It makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me for liking it, something about the stories that makes me want to cry, or to get up and leave.

“If I ever do find myself in a situation where I’m having trouble deciding if I want to wear a certain item, I just tell myself I can’t have this,” I say to myself, and it feels like I’m just putting myself in danger.

But what if I was to tell my partner about a story that has affected his life?

The story has become so powerful that it could trigger his own fetish.

When my partner first started having sex, I felt like I could never be in the position of making a choice.

I had been a virgin for five years, and after our first time, I couldn’t have sex at all.

I was worried that I would be so turned on that I wouldn’t be able to get off, and I wasn’t even sure if I could do it.

And then I met my wife.

“So you just want to have sex all the time?” she asks.

“Yes,” I reply, and she smiles and nods, “because I love it.”

But I can tell my husband that this is just a phase, that this isn’t about him.

We’re just friends.

And that we’re going to get over it.

In our relationship, sex is our first love.

We’ve known each other for almost six years.

We share the same passions and desires.

We both love our bodies, and we’ve tried to make them work together as equals.

But our sexual fantasies don’t line up with the fantasies of most couples.

For me, BDSM has been the biggest source of friction.

It’s something that has come up in our relationship every now and then.

It seems like our partners just have a certain way of putting things together.

I’ve noticed that our sex life can get really intense if I’m being dominated, if I feel that I’m going to be hurt or violated.

It has become almost a fetish for me.

I think that if we didn’t have the BDSM fetish, we wouldn’t have had our sex lives as healthy as they are.

We’d be on the same page all the way.

But there’s a huge stigma attached to BDSM, and if we don’t embrace it, we’re doomed to feel it every single day.

“I think that’s really unfortunate,” I tell my wife, “and it’s something I don


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