Why the Meyerowitz Stories are a Cinderella Story

An old man in an old house, and his little daughter, are in love.

Their love is complicated by a mysterious man.

They have been together for years and he has always loved them.

The two are now going through a difficult time and need a friend.

They decide to ask the ghost of a wealthy man who lived in a nearby village.

What they discover is that the man’s ghost has been haunting the family.

The old man was a famous gambler who once won the most important prize in the country.

The young woman has lost everything and is haunted by an older man who has also lost everything.

In the end, the ghosts take over her mind and her life.

The ghosts then come to take her back to their own house in a fantasy world where they have an audience with the woman they love.

The ghost of the wealthy gambler has returned.

His ghost is not welcome at the Meyersowitz house.

They are trapped and have to save the Meyersowitz family.